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  1. Dear Lakeside Village Residents:

    Earlier this Spring we had the pool re-plastered as part of routine maintenance so that we would have the pool ready to go for the summer swim season. Unfortunately, shortly after the pool opened this season there was some flaking and cracking of the plastering job that was just performed. The pool service company has assessed and determined that because all of the old plaster was not removed on the most recent work, it did not allow the bonding agent to work and this is why the new plaster cracked and crumbled. They have informed us that in order to get a good plaster job on the pool so that we’re not likely to have this problem again, they are going to re-plaster the entire pool again, this time removing all of the old plaster first. With this being said, the pool will have to stay closed a little longer. The pool service company does not believe that we can get all of the work done to be open this upcoming weekend and they don’t want to re-open too soon before the re-plastering is thoroughly cured, so that we won’t have additional issues after the repairs. The office follows up with the Pool contractor daily for a progress report.

    There is no additional cost for LVHOA, and this is being covered under the warranty. Please bear with us as we make the improvements necessary to provide our community with a pool that will serve
    our residents for a long time in the future.

    Erin Caldwell

    Community Association Manager

  2. I never received any information as to whether this was approved, I tried to log in with credentials I provided the first time I filled this out and it saying that no user exist.

  3. I registered over the weekend but no access. Just registered again. Can you help?

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